Monday 2/15: George Deek

George Deek: The Art of Middle East Diplomacy

H-Xk-don_400x400George Deek is an Arab-Christian Israeli diplomat who hails from the city of Jaffa, where his family has lived for over 400 years. He served as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Norway between July 2012 and January 2015, where he also served as Charge d’Affaires between February and September 2014. Previously, he served as Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria (2009-2012). Mr. Deek was involved from a young age in the promotion of mutual understanding and co-existence between Jews and Arabs in Israel. He has also been called “Israel’s best diplomat,” and the nearly 60 students in attendance at his February 15 lecture to Whig-Clio enjoyed hearing his thoughts on current events in the Middle East. Mr. Deek spoke in the Senate Chamber at 4:30pm and joined a select group of students for an extended discussion over dinner on Nassau Street.