Friday 4/15: The Future of Energy

Thanks to the around 50 students who joined us for a fascinating discussion!

Are you passionate about the environment and sustainability? Are you interested in our nation’s energy resources and where technology will take us in the future? Then join McKinsey & Company’s Scott Nyquist and Princeton’s own Professor Michael Oppenheimer for a discussion moderated by Evan Soltas ’16 on disruptive energy technologies and the drivers influencing their future. The panel will explore the recent histories of solar, wind, storage and unconventional drilling and why each has under or outperformed expectations.  On Friday, April 15 at 4:30pm in the Whig Senate Chamber.

Sponsored by McKinsey & CompanyThe American Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the Princeton University Energy Association.

Monday 4/11: Princeton Preview & Intra Party Debates

UPDATE: Results of Voting

Both the Whig and Clio Parties voted in opposition to their respective motions. That is, the Whig Party preferred race-based affirmative action versus income-based affirmative action for college admissions, and the Clio Party believed principled conservatives should not support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee. About 80 students, including prefrosh, stopped by one or both debates and enjoyed delicious ice cream afterwards.

As part of Princeton Preview activities to welcome prefrosh to campus, Whig-Clio’s two parties – the left-leaning Whig party and the right-leaning Clio party – will host intra-party debates at 6pm on Monday, April 11. We invite current and prospective students to join us for either of these two great debates and also for a joint ice cream social after the debates at around 7:15pm! Earlier in the day, from 11am-12:30pm in the Senate Chamber, we will host a Political Activities Fair for prospective students to connect with our subsidiaries and other affiliated groups.

In the Senate Chamber, the Whig Party will debate the following motion:

This House prefers income-based affirmative action to race-based affirmative action for college admissions.

In Oakes Lounge, the Clio Party will debate the following motion:

This House believes principled conservatives should support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee.

Contact Whig Chair Matthew Parodi and Clio Chair Theodore Furchtgott with any questions!

Thursday 4/7: End of Discussion

Whig-Clio, along with the Princeton Open Campus Coalition, College Republicans, Campus Conversations on Identities, Princeton Tory, and AEI on Campus are excited to host Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham on April 7th in the Senate Chamber at 6:30pm. Free dinner will be provided.

Guy Benson is the political editor of Townhall and a Fox News contributor, and Mary Katharine Ham is the editor-at-large of Hot Air and a CNN contributor. They will be speaking to Princeton students about their new book, End of Discussion, which discusses how political correctness on college campuses and in American society is dangerous for free speech and open dialogue. Guy (as an openly LGBT individual) and Mary Katharine (as a woman) have been criticized for their political views, which do not fit the mold of most people in their respective communities.

Wednesday 3/30: Fossil Fuel Divestment Debate

UPDATE: Results of Voting

With nearly 60 students in attendance, side Whig – pro-divestment – narrowly won the debate. Whig-Clio enjoyed engaging with another topical Princeton issue, and the speakers explored a range of issues from those surrounding divestment itself to Princeton’s financial interests to environmental policy.

On Wednesday, March 30 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber, the Senate will debate the motion:

This House would divest Princeton’s endowment from fossil fuels.

The Princeton Sustainable Investment Initiative, a cosponsor of the debate, has recently released a petition calling on the University to divest. Princeton University Energy Association, which opposes PSII’s petition, is also cosponsoring this debate. The Whig Party will propose the motion and the Clio Party will oppose it. 

Side Affirm (Whig)

Sid Anand ’19 and Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler ’19

Side Negate (Clio)

Connor Pfeiffer ’18 and Owen Smitherman ’17

Are you passionate about the environment and sustainability? Do you support “the moral case for fossil fuels?” What about Princeton’s endowement – should it be used to effect political change? Given the timely nature of this debate after PSII released its petition, we hope you’ll come out and share your thoughts!

Tuesday 3/22: Latke-Hamentaschen Debate

UPDATE: Results of Voting

In a spirited debate attended by over 100 students and faculty, side Hamentaschen reigned supreme! Each side presented lively defenses of their chosen Jewish food, and attendees enjoyed the delicious latke and hamentaschen the CJL generously provided. A recap of the debate is at the Daily Princetonian and the video of the full debate is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

It’s back and better than ever.  Join Whig-Clio and the Center for Jewish Life as some of the world’s most brilliant minds convene for the annual tradition of debating a question of upmost importance. Which is the superior Jewish food: the Latke, the potato-based, fried pancake or the Hamentaschen, the tricornered cookie with a preserve-filled center? Join us to decide and kick off the second half of the semester on a fun and tasty note!

Whig-Clio and the CJL are proud to host the Annual Latke Hamentaschen Debate on Tuesday, March 22nd at 4:30 PM in the Whig Hall Senate Chamber.  VP for Campus Life Rochelle Calhoun will moderate the debate, and Whig-Clio President Allison Berger ’18 and CJL Student Board President Josh Roberts ’17 will both give introductory remarks.

Afterwards, we invite you to judge for yourself by eating FREE FOOD, including latkes and hamentaschen!

Side Latke

Prof. Melissa LaneJonah Herzog-Arbeitman ’19

Side Hamentaschen

Prof. David DobkinPaul Schorin ’19

Tuesday 3/1: Chipotle Super Tuesday Watch Party

On Super Tuesday (Tuesday 3/1), Whig-Clio hosted over 150 students in the Senate Chamber to watch the results of 10+ states in the presidential primaries. Long-time members and newcomers alike enjoyed eating Chipotle burritos and chips and competed for predicting the voting results.


Wednesday 2/24: Rename the Woodrow Wilson School?

UPDATE: Results of Voting

Over 100 students and administrators joined us, bringing in many new faces for a productive and respectful conversation and making this the largest Whig-Clio debate in several years! There was a narrow victory for side Clio, with the vote 33 in favor of and 37 against renaming the Woodrow Wilson School. Abstentions are unknown. More coverage at the Daily Princetonian and the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Timed to coincide with the campus visits of the Wilson Legacy Review Committee, Whig-Clio will debate Woodrow Wilson’s legacy on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber.  The Whig Party, with main speakers Maya Aronoff ’19 and Shea Minter ’19, is proposing the below motion. The Clio Party, with main speakers Josh Freeman ’18 and Theodore Furchtgott ’18, is opposing the motion.

Given Woodrow Wilson’s controversial legacy, this House would rename the Woodrow Wilson School.

During last November’s protests, many students expressed frustration at the lack of a campus resource for respectful debate on difficult issues. The Whig-Clio Society will be holding a debate on the legacy of Woodrow Wilson in the Senate Chamber of Whig Hall in order to allow everyone and anyone to share their voice on such a monumental issue at our school. The Princeton Open Campus Coalition and the Black Justice League are co-sponsoring this debate.

This is YOUR TIME to have your opinion heard by the school. A number of campus administrators, including Vice President for Campus Life W. Rochelle Calhoun, Executive Vice President Treby Williams, and Wilson College Director of Student Life Aaron King will be in attendance at the debate and are ready to hear student’s perspectives. Our main speakers’ involvement in a wide variety of campus activities, from varsity sports to Greek life to performing arts groups, highlights our goal for this debate: to provide a forum for respectful discourse that is open to all students from all over campus. In this unique opportunity, come hear all sides of the campus conversation and come share your own thoughts. Be a part of the discussion. Be a part of your community.

Tuesday 2/16: Study Break with Taboo and Cupcakes

Study Break: Taboo and Cupcakes!

On Tuesday, February 16 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber, the Society’s Social Committee hosted an EPIC THROWDOWN OF WHIG VS. CLIO! The ultimate test of political savvy… POLITICAL TABOO. Clio beat Whig in this hilarious game combining political know-how and word play. We also enjoyed House of Cupcakes! Politics never sounded so yummy…

Monday 2/15: George Deek

George Deek: The Art of Middle East Diplomacy

H-Xk-don_400x400George Deek is an Arab-Christian Israeli diplomat who hails from the city of Jaffa, where his family has lived for over 400 years. He served as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Norway between July 2012 and January 2015, where he also served as Charge d’Affaires between February and September 2014. Previously, he served as Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Nigeria (2009-2012). Mr. Deek was involved from a young age in the promotion of mutual understanding and co-existence between Jews and Arabs in Israel. He has also been called “Israel’s best diplomat,” and the nearly 60 students in attendance at his February 15 lecture to Whig-Clio enjoyed hearing his thoughts on current events in the Middle East. Mr. Deek spoke in the Senate Chamber at 4:30pm and joined a select group of students for an extended discussion over dinner on Nassau Street.