Thursday 2/11: Consider Yourself (Trigger) Warned

Consider Yourself (Trigger) Warned: A Conversation with Ramesh Ponnuru

Along with the American Enterprise Institute on Campus and the Princeton Open Campus Coalition, Whig-Clio was pleased to host Princeton / Whig-Clio alum and National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru for a conversation about political correctness on college campuses. The event took place in the Senate Chamber on February 11th and dinner was served for all attendees, thanks to the generosity of AEI.

Ramesh Ponnuru is a senior editor at National Review (and also a contributor for Time and the Washington Post). He has written extensively about political correctness- especially regarding its effect on institutions of higher learning. Ramesh is a major face in American politics, a good friend of the American Enterprise Institute, and an outstanding speaker. It was a great honor to welcome him back to Old Nassau for this event. Facebook page:

First Ever Intra-Whig Debate

Bernie vs. Hillary

The first ever intra-party Whig debate is coming up! Speakers from the left-leaning Whig party will debate on the following motion:

This House believes Hillary Clinton would be a better, more influential president than Bernie Sanders.

Bernie vs. Hillary


Place: Senate Chamber

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time: Social hour at 6:30pm with Fruity Yogurt boba and sushi, Debate at 7pm

Facebook Event:


8min – Government Constructive Speaker, Maya Aronoff
8min – Opposition Constructive Speaker, Noah Mihan
5min – Government Rebuttal Speaker, William Johnson
5min – Opposition Rebuttal Speaker, Sinan Ozbay
Government Floor Leader – Marni Morse
Opposition Floor Leader – Nik Hofer


With over 45 students in attendance, the event was a success! The final vote was in favor of the opposition, that is, that Bernie Sanders would be a better, more influential president than Hillary Clinton.