May 10: Spring Celebration

Turn in your papers and then join Whig-Clio on the patio of Whig Hall to celebrate the end of another Dean’s Date at 5pm on Tuesday! We will have barbecue food from Olives, music, and possibly Whig vs. Clio lawn games. This will be the last Whig-Clio event of the year, so we hope you can stop by for a fun, relaxing time!

Falafel balls
Seven layer dip + chips
Cookies & sweets
Ice cream
Chicken satay
Pigs in a blanket
And more!

Thursday 4/28: Senior Roast and Banquet

At 6:45pm on Thursday, April 28 in the Senate Chamber, over 100 Whig-Clio members gathered for our annual and hilarious tradition to say goodbye to our graduating seniors: the Senior Roast & Banquet! Chinese food and cupcakes were served and the following senior/roaster pairings provided fine entertainment throughout the evening.

  • Brian Litchfield ’16 –> Sam Mathews ’17
  • Nassim Fedel ’16 –> Matt Chuckran ’17
  • Ali Hayat ’16 –> Sumer Parikh ’17
  • George Papademetriou ’16 –> Roman Papademetriou ’18, Jenny El Fakir ’18, and Hope Kean ’18
  • Hannah Schoen ’16 –> Ryan Dukeman ’17
  • Ella Chang ’16 –> Paul Yang ’17
  • Jenny Zhou ’16 –> Paul Yang ’17
  • Pia Sur ’16 –> Romie Desrogène ’17
  • Jeff Leibenhaut ’16 –> Carolyn Liziewski ’18 and Nathan Raab ’17
  • Evan Draim ’16 –> Theodore Furchtgott ’18
  • Ben Dinovelli ’16 –> Sarah Dinovelli ’18
  • Tucker Jones ’16 –> Sarah Dinovelli ’18
  • Seamus Daniels ’16 –> Martha Jachimski ’18

Tuesday 3/22: Latke-Hamentaschen Debate

UPDATE: Results of Voting

In a spirited debate attended by over 100 students and faculty, side Hamentaschen reigned supreme! Each side presented lively defenses of their chosen Jewish food, and attendees enjoyed the delicious latke and hamentaschen the CJL generously provided. A recap of the debate is at the Daily Princetonian and the video of the full debate is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

It’s back and better than ever.  Join Whig-Clio and the Center for Jewish Life as some of the world’s most brilliant minds convene for the annual tradition of debating a question of upmost importance. Which is the superior Jewish food: the Latke, the potato-based, fried pancake or the Hamentaschen, the tricornered cookie with a preserve-filled center? Join us to decide and kick off the second half of the semester on a fun and tasty note!

Whig-Clio and the CJL are proud to host the Annual Latke Hamentaschen Debate on Tuesday, March 22nd at 4:30 PM in the Whig Hall Senate Chamber.  VP for Campus Life Rochelle Calhoun will moderate the debate, and Whig-Clio President Allison Berger ’18 and CJL Student Board President Josh Roberts ’17 will both give introductory remarks.

Afterwards, we invite you to judge for yourself by eating FREE FOOD, including latkes and hamentaschen!

Side Latke

Prof. Melissa LaneJonah Herzog-Arbeitman ’19

Side Hamentaschen

Prof. David DobkinPaul Schorin ’19

Tuesday 3/1: Chipotle Super Tuesday Watch Party

On Super Tuesday (Tuesday 3/1), Whig-Clio hosted over 150 students in the Senate Chamber to watch the results of 10+ states in the presidential primaries. Long-time members and newcomers alike enjoyed eating Chipotle burritos and chips and competed for predicting the voting results.


Tuesday 2/16: Study Break with Taboo and Cupcakes

Study Break: Taboo and Cupcakes!

On Tuesday, February 16 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber, the Society’s Social Committee hosted an EPIC THROWDOWN OF WHIG VS. CLIO! The ultimate test of political savvy… POLITICAL TABOO. Clio beat Whig in this hilarious game combining political know-how and word play. We also enjoyed House of Cupcakes! Politics never sounded so yummy…