Monday 4/11: Princeton Preview & Intra Party Debates

UPDATE: Results of Voting

Both the Whig and Clio Parties voted in opposition to their respective motions. That is, the Whig Party preferred race-based affirmative action versus income-based affirmative action for college admissions, and the Clio Party believed principled conservatives should not support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee. About 80 students, including prefrosh, stopped by one or both debates and enjoyed delicious ice cream afterwards.

As part of Princeton Preview activities to welcome prefrosh to campus, Whig-Clio’s two parties – the left-leaning Whig party and the right-leaning Clio party – will host intra-party debates at 6pm on Monday, April 11. We invite current and prospective students to join us for either of these two great debates and also for a joint ice cream social after the debates at around 7:15pm! Earlier in the day, from 11am-12:30pm in the Senate Chamber, we will host a Political Activities Fair for prospective students to connect with our subsidiaries and other affiliated groups.

In the Senate Chamber, the Whig Party will debate the following motion:

This House prefers income-based affirmative action to race-based affirmative action for college admissions.

In Oakes Lounge, the Clio Party will debate the following motion:

This House believes principled conservatives should support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee.

Contact Whig Chair Matthew Parodi and Clio Chair Theodore Furchtgott with any questions!

Tuesday 2/16: Study Break with Taboo and Cupcakes

Study Break: Taboo and Cupcakes!

On Tuesday, February 16 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber, the Society’s Social Committee hosted an EPIC THROWDOWN OF WHIG VS. CLIO! The ultimate test of political savvy… POLITICAL TABOO. Clio beat Whig in this hilarious game combining political know-how and word play. We also enjoyed House of Cupcakes! Politics never sounded so yummy…

First Ever Intra-Whig Debate

Bernie vs. Hillary

The first ever intra-party Whig debate is coming up! Speakers from the left-leaning Whig party will debate on the following motion:

This House believes Hillary Clinton would be a better, more influential president than Bernie Sanders.

Bernie vs. Hillary


Place: Senate Chamber

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time: Social hour at 6:30pm with Fruity Yogurt boba and sushi, Debate at 7pm

Facebook Event:


8min – Government Constructive Speaker, Maya Aronoff
8min – Opposition Constructive Speaker, Noah Mihan
5min – Government Rebuttal Speaker, William Johnson
5min – Opposition Rebuttal Speaker, Sinan Ozbay
Government Floor Leader – Marni Morse
Opposition Floor Leader – Nik Hofer


With over 45 students in attendance, the event was a success! The final vote was in favor of the opposition, that is, that Bernie Sanders would be a better, more influential president than Hillary Clinton.