The Governing Council of Whig-Clio is in charge of managing the affairs of the Society. The positions of President, Vice President, Director of Program, President of the Senate, Secretary, and Whig and Clio Party Chairs are elected by the all members of the Society, and serve a 1-year term. The appointed positions are chosen by the incoming elected officer corps.


PresidentChristian Schmidt '
Vice PresidentGrace Collins '
SecretaryMorgan Smith '
President of the SenateKarthik Ramesh '
Director of ProgramAmy Jeon '
TreasurerGregory Weaving '
Whig Party ChairJustin Curl '
Cliosophic Party ChairBrigette Harbers '
Community Engagement DirectorChase Lovgren '
Social DirectorEmily Cheston '
Publicity DirectorNora Aguiar '
Procedural Reform DirectorAoife Bennett '
Chief of StaffJaren McKinnie '