The Governing Council of Whig-Clio is in charge of managing the affairs of the Society. The positions of President, Vice President, Director of Program, President of the Senate, Secretary, and Whig and Clio Party Chairs are elected by the all members of the Society, and serve a 1-year term. The appointed positions are chosen by the incoming elected officer corps.


Lena Hu '20President
Aoife Bennett '20Vice President
Justin Wittekind '21Director of Program
Megan Armstrong '19Treasurer
Shreyas Kumar '21Secretary
Christian Schmidt '20President of the Senate
Karthik Ramesh '21Deputy President of the Senate
Brent Kibbey '21Senate Program Coordinator
Amy Jeon '21Whig Party Chair
Morgan Smith '21Deputy Whig Party Chair
Hassan Ahmad '21Cliosophic Party Chair
Billy Wade '21Deputy Cliosophic Party Chair
Thomas Koenig '20
Bevin Benson '21
Emily Reinhold '21
Speakers Council
Laura Hausman '20, Director

Sarah Gordon '20
Beatrice Ferguson '21
Community Outreach Committee
Jonathan Garaffa '18, Director

Sergio Martinez '21
Grace Collins '21
Publicity Committee
Abraham Waserstein '20, Director

Emily Cheston '21
Kavya Chandran '21
Social Committee