The Governing Council of Whig-Clio is in charge of managing the affairs of the Society. The positions of President, Vice President, Director of Program, President of the Senate, Secretary, and Whig and Clio Party Chairs are elected by the all members of the Society, and serve a 1-year term. The appointed positions are chosen by the incoming elected officer corps.


Rebekah Ninan '19President
Patrick Flanigan '18Vice President
Evan Bell '18Director of Program
Sinan Ozbay '19President of the Senate
Lena Hu '20Secretary
Devin Plumb '20Whig Party Chair
Nicholas Sileo '20Cliosophic Party Chair
Christian Schmidt '20Deputy President of the Senate
William Pugh '20
Jonathan Haynes '20
Deputy Whig Party Chairs
Danny Schwarzhoff '19
Sarah Malik '20
Deputy Cliosophic Party Chairs
Megan Armstrong '19Treasurer
Allison Berger '18Recruitment and Reunions Chair
Hamza Chaudhry '19Campus Outreach Director
Jack Lohmann '19, Director

Rachel Silverman '20
Yousef Elzalabany '20
Thomas Koenig '20
Luke Henter '20
Danielle Newton '20
Jason Wee '20
Speakers Council
Laura Hausman '20, Director

Hanuel Ryoo '20
Sarah Gordon '20
Emma Louden '20
Jack Draper '20
Community Outreach
Jessica Li '18, Director

Dayna Valek '20
Matthew Penza '19
Elijah Ash '19
Publicity Committee
Aoife Bennett '20, Director

Bilal Mubarak '20
Rafael Tafur '20
Grace Rehaut '18
Jordan Allen '20
Social Committee
Matthew Penza '19Webmaster