Founded in 1765 by students like James Madison and Aaron Burr, the American Whig-Cliosophic Society at Princeton University is the largest and *oldest collegiate debate and political society in the United States.

*This claim is disputed, as the Harvard Political Union (founded in 1832) and Yale Political Union (founded in 1934) also both claim to be the oldest collegiate debate and political society in the US . . .


Join Whig-Clio

What do Ralph Nader, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Madison, and Ted Cruz have in common? They were all members of Whig-Clio, and you can be too!

To become a member in good standing, EITHER join a subsidiary and attend two Whig-Clio events or be unaffiliated with a subsidiary and attend three events. Members in good standing get access to Society-only events, such as the Senior Roast/Banquet and Semesterly Galas, Speaker Dinners, and can vote in Whig-Clio Executive Officer Elections.

Join a Subsidiary

Please visit our subsidiary pages for specific information about tryouts and getting involved.


Part of what makes Whig-Clio so great are our subsidiary organizations: the Princeton Debate Panel, the International Relations Council, Princeton Model Congress, and Princeton Mock Trial. Specialized to different areas of politics, many members of Whig-Clio call one (or more!) of these groups their home. The Society also recognizes exceptional oratory ability through the Honorary Debate Panel, which holds prize debates every semester.

You can find more information about our subsidiary organizations here:

International Relations Council

Princeton Debate Panel

Princeton Mock Trial

Princeton Model Congress

For more information, please also feel free to consult the dropdown menu attached to the subsidiaries page.

Executive Officers

WC PresidentWon-Jae Chang '24
WC Vice PresidentKarina Wugang '24
WC TreasurerEmily Paulin '25
WC SecretarySanthosh Nadarajah '25
Director of ProgramElliot Lee '26
President of the SenateDaniel Shaw '25
American Whig Party ChairSamuel Kligman '26
Cliosophic Party ChairJustin Murdock '26
International Relations Council PresidentVincent Jiang '25
Princeton Debate Panel PresidentJacquelynn Lin '25
Princeton Mock Trial PresidentShrey Addagatla '24
Princeton Model Congress Executive DirectorMariem Elgendy '26
Nabeel Shad '25
Honorary Debate Panel PresidentIndia Behl '24