Members in Good Standing

Whig-Clio Membership

To be considered a Member in Good Standing of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, Princeton students must attend and sign into at least three Whig-Clio events. Active members of subsidiaries, including the International Relations Council, Princeton Debate Panel, Princeton Model Congress, and Princeton Mock Trial (see below for more information), may attend two events and be considered Members in Good Standing. 

Members in Good Standing can also declare themselves as members of Whig (the left-leaning party) or Clio (the right-leaning party), depending on their political identity. To be a Member in Good Standing of either party, they must attend and sign into at least two party-specific events. Alternatively, members can meet with their respective Party Chair or represent their Party at a Senate Debate to become a member.

See a list of active members here.

Membership Benefits

Being a Member in Good Standing means that you can vote in general elections for the Whig-Clio Governing Council. Whig and Clio members can vote in their respective party elections.

Whig-Clio members have card access to the Whig-Clio Lounge, Stokes Lounge in the basement of Whig Hall. Contact the Secretary, Samuel Kligman, to take advantage of this perk.

In 2024, Whig-Clio will be reviving its tradition of visiting our sister societies in the United States and abroad. Lotteries will be held for spots on these trips. Members have one entry for every event attended, as recorded on the sign-in sheet. Lottery winners will get to choose a friend, also a Member in Good Standing of Whig-Clio, to bring on the trip with them.

Subsidiary Membership

Please visit our Subsidiary pages for specific information about tryouts and getting involved. All Princeton undergraduate students may try out for our subsidiaries or staff subsidiary conferences.

Members in Good Standing

Class of 2024


Class of 2025 (5)

Daniel Shaw 
Izabela Konopka
Nate Howard
Emily Paulin
Nicholas Urbati

Class of 2026 (6)

Samuel Kligman
Aidan Davis
Akash Jim
Zach Gardner
Hayk Yengibaryan
Khoa Sands

Class of 2027 (9)

Yena Choe
Sophia Burnston
Joyce Yang
Will Rhoades
Maddy Denker
Vinayek Menon
Lawson Wright
Bijaan Noormohamed
Kyler Zhou

*Last updated on 3/17/24