Notable Alumni

Whig-Clio graduates include a President, a Vice-President, several hundred Congressmen, several dozen Governors, and several dozen federal and state Supreme Court Justices. Below are just a few of the many prolific members that have graced the Halls of the Society.

Oliver Ellsworth, Clio (founder), Class of 1766. Founded the Cliosophic Society. Founding Father, drafter of the Constitution, drafter of the Judiciary Act of 1789, third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. (source)

Luther Martin, Clio (founder), Class of 1766. Founded the Cliosophic Society. Founding Father, delegate to the Constitutional Convention, prominent Anti-Federalist. (source)

Aaron Burr, Class of 1772.

John Henry, Whig (founder), class of 1769. Founded the American Whig Society. Senator, eighth Governor of Maryland. (source)

James Madison, Whig (founder), Class of 1771. Founded the American Whig Society. Federalist Papers author, Father of the Constitution, fourth President of the United States.

Aaron Burr, Clio, Class of 1772. Founded the Cliosophic Society. Revolutionary War veteran, New York Senator, third Vice-President of the United States. (source)

William Bradford, Whig (founder), Class of 1772. Founded the American Whig Society. Argued the first recorded case before the U.S. Supreme Court. Second Attorney General of the United States under George Washington. (source)

John Foster Dulles, Whig, Class of 1908. As Secretary of State, one of the most famous diplomats of the 20th century. (source) (source)

Adlai Stevenson, Class of 1922.

Adlai E. Stevenson, Whig, Class of 1922. Thirty-first governor of Illinois, fifth Ambassador to the United Nations (during the Cuban Missile Crisis), two-time presidential candidate. (source)

Donald E. Stokes, Class of 1951. Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School, one of the giants of 20th century social science.

Samuel Alito, unknown (presumed Clio), Class of 1972. President of Whig-Clio’s Varsity Debate Panel (now the Princeton Debate Panel). 110th Supreme Court Justice. (source)

Ted Cruz, Clio (Chair), Class of 1992. Chair of the Cliosphic Society, President of the Princeton Debate Panel. Senator, Texas Solicitor General. (source)