Whig Hall

To reserve the Whig Hall Senate Chamber, Oakes Lounge, James Madison Room, or Stokes Lounge, please contact our Secretary, Santhosh Nadarajah ’25, at santhoshnadarajah@princeton.edu.

Please view our building reservations in the google docs below, organized by month.

1+2/2023 Building Reservations

3/2023 Building Reservations

4+5/2023 Building Reservations

To make a reservation, please include your organization name, date, time, expected attendance, whether your event will be co-sponsored by Whig-Clio or a Whig-Clio branch/subsidiary, and whether your event will have food

Senate Chamber

Capacity: 120 people, Second Floor

Senate Chamber in Whig Hall

Senate Chamber of Whig Hall

Oakes Lounge

Capacity: 60, First Floor

Oakes Lounge

James Madison Room

Capacity: 20, Third Floor

James Madison Room

Stokes Lounge

Capacity: 30, Basement, Whig-Clio only

Stokes Lounge