May 27: Reunions Debate on Climate Policy

Welcome back to Nassau Hall, Whig-Clio alumni!! Along with the Class of 1976, in celebration of their 40th Reunion, Whig-Clio is excited to host an alumni-student debate on the motion: This House believes the only way to address climate change in the world is through co-leadership with the U.S. and China. Tucker Jones ’16 will speak in favor of the motion and Evan Draim ’16 will speak against it and each will be paired with two alumni experts. Thank you to Josh Libresco, Class of 1976, for working with us to make such a wonderful event happen!

We hope to see you in the Whig Senate Chamber Friday afternoon for a good debate and of course some pounding and hissing. There will also be a cookies platter from Olives!

May 10: Spring Celebration

Turn in your papers and then join Whig-Clio on the patio of Whig Hall to celebrate the end of another Dean’s Date at 5pm on Tuesday! We will have barbecue food from Olives, music, and possibly Whig vs. Clio lawn games. This will be the last Whig-Clio event of the year, so we hope you can stop by for a fun, relaxing time!

Falafel balls
Seven layer dip + chips
Cookies & sweets
Ice cream
Chicken satay
Pigs in a blanket
And more!

Friday 4/29: Izumi Nakamitsu Discussion Lunch

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Ms. Nakamitsu was called to Geneva at the last minute to participate in a high-level conference, but the Whig-Clio Society looks forward to welcoming her to campus sometime next fall.

Izumi Nakamitsu will discuss her work as an Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Director of the UN Crisis Response Unit, and Assistant Administrator of the UN Development Programme. Hear her first-hand account of managing the challenges of international governance, working on disaster and political crisis responses, and serving as a woman in a position of political and diplomatic power. RSVP here by Tuesday, April 26 to join us for this exciting and interactive discussion over lunch from Olives!

Thursday 4/28: Senior Roast and Banquet

At 6:45pm on Thursday, April 28 in the Senate Chamber, over 100 Whig-Clio members gathered for our annual and hilarious tradition to say goodbye to our graduating seniors: the Senior Roast & Banquet! Chinese food and cupcakes were served and the following senior/roaster pairings provided fine entertainment throughout the evening.

  • Brian Litchfield ’16 –> Sam Mathews ’17
  • Nassim Fedel ’16 –> Matt Chuckran ’17
  • Ali Hayat ’16 –> Sumer Parikh ’17
  • George Papademetriou ’16 –> Roman Papademetriou ’18, Jenny El Fakir ’18, and Hope Kean ’18
  • Hannah Schoen ’16 –> Ryan Dukeman ’17
  • Ella Chang ’16 –> Paul Yang ’17
  • Jenny Zhou ’16 –> Paul Yang ’17
  • Pia Sur ’16 –> Romie Desrogène ’17
  • Jeff Leibenhaut ’16 –> Carolyn Liziewski ’18 and Nathan Raab ’17
  • Evan Draim ’16 –> Theodore Furchtgott ’18
  • Ben Dinovelli ’16 –> Sarah Dinovelli ’18
  • Tucker Jones ’16 –> Sarah Dinovelli ’18
  • Seamus Daniels ’16 –> Martha Jachimski ’18

Monday 4/25: Robert Daly Discussion Dinner

robert_daly_hrOn Monday, April 25 at 6pm in Whig Hall’s Oakes Lounge, the Whig-Clio Society hosted Robert Daly and 25 invited student attendees for an intimate discussion dinner (with Olives!). Daly discussed U.S.-China relations based on his experiences as a member of the Foreign Service under President Carter and Henry Kissinger, as Director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, and as a CNN commentator on Chinese affairs. Mr. Daly also has experience working in Chinese language television and serving as a Cultural Exchanges Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, providing his perspective a unique cultural lens. Students asked many thoughtful questions and enjoyed engaging with such an interesting speaker as Mr. Daly!


Wednesday 4/20: Marijuana Senate Debate

UPDATE: Results of Voting

With about 70 students and prefrosh attending the debate, the resolution passed by a vote of 19-7. More coverage available at the Daily Princetonian. Additionally, this wrapped up our Princeton Preview recruitment activities — between the two Previews, Whig-Clio got 110 prospective student sign-ups!

Timed to coincide with the second Princeton Preview, the Whig-Clio Senate will debate the following motion on Wednesday, 4/20 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber. There will be pizza and ice cream after and prefrosh are welcome!

This House would legalize marijuana.

For Legalization (Whig Party)

Bruno Schaffa ’18 & Alexander Singleton ’17

Against Legalization (Clio Party)

Joseph Carlstein ’18 & Maya Aronoff ’19

Sunday 4/17: Communiversity

Below are some photos from the Whig-Clio booth at this year’s Communiversity celebration, an annual event during which student and merchant booths bring together over forty thousand Princeton students and residents. Our booth included flyers with information on how to join and a poster outlining what Whig-Clio is and some of the events we host. We also ran fun activities like a Political Compass game and gave out Whig-Clio wristbands.

Great work organizing this to our Community Outreach Pragya Malik ’19!

Communiversity opinion boards Communiversity 2016

Friday 4/15: The Future of Energy

Thanks to the around 50 students who joined us for a fascinating discussion!

Are you passionate about the environment and sustainability? Are you interested in our nation’s energy resources and where technology will take us in the future? Then join McKinsey & Company’s Scott Nyquist and Princeton’s own Professor Michael Oppenheimer for a discussion moderated by Evan Soltas ’16 on disruptive energy technologies and the drivers influencing their future. The panel will explore the recent histories of solar, wind, storage and unconventional drilling and why each has under or outperformed expectations.  On Friday, April 15 at 4:30pm in the Whig Senate Chamber.

Sponsored by McKinsey & CompanyThe American Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the Princeton University Energy Association.

Monday 4/11: Princeton Preview & Intra Party Debates

UPDATE: Results of Voting

Both the Whig and Clio Parties voted in opposition to their respective motions. That is, the Whig Party preferred race-based affirmative action versus income-based affirmative action for college admissions, and the Clio Party believed principled conservatives should not support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee. About 80 students, including prefrosh, stopped by one or both debates and enjoyed delicious ice cream afterwards.

As part of Princeton Preview activities to welcome prefrosh to campus, Whig-Clio’s two parties – the left-leaning Whig party and the right-leaning Clio party – will host intra-party debates at 6pm on Monday, April 11. We invite current and prospective students to join us for either of these two great debates and also for a joint ice cream social after the debates at around 7:15pm! Earlier in the day, from 11am-12:30pm in the Senate Chamber, we will host a Political Activities Fair for prospective students to connect with our subsidiaries and other affiliated groups.

In the Senate Chamber, the Whig Party will debate the following motion:

This House prefers income-based affirmative action to race-based affirmative action for college admissions.

In Oakes Lounge, the Clio Party will debate the following motion:

This House believes principled conservatives should support Donald Trump in the general election if he is the Republican nominee.

Contact Whig Chair Matthew Parodi and Clio Chair Theodore Furchtgott with any questions!