Wednesday 2/24: Rename the Woodrow Wilson School?

UPDATE: Results of Voting

Over 100 students and administrators joined us, bringing in many new faces for a productive and respectful conversation and making this the largest Whig-Clio debate in several years! There was a narrow victory for side Clio, with the vote 33 in favor of and 37 against renaming the Woodrow Wilson School. Abstentions are unknown. More coverage at the Daily Princetonian and the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Timed to coincide with the campus visits of the Wilson Legacy Review Committee, Whig-Clio will debate Woodrow Wilson’s legacy on Wednesday, February 24 at 7:30pm in the Senate Chamber.  The Whig Party, with main speakers Maya Aronoff ’19 and Shea Minter ’19, is proposing the below motion. The Clio Party, with main speakers Josh Freeman ’18 and Theodore Furchtgott ’18, is opposing the motion.

Given Woodrow Wilson’s controversial legacy, this House would rename the Woodrow Wilson School.

During last November’s protests, many students expressed frustration at the lack of a campus resource for respectful debate on difficult issues. The Whig-Clio Society will be holding a debate on the legacy of Woodrow Wilson in the Senate Chamber of Whig Hall in order to allow everyone and anyone to share their voice on such a monumental issue at our school. The Princeton Open Campus Coalition and the Black Justice League are co-sponsoring this debate.

This is YOUR TIME to have your opinion heard by the school. A number of campus administrators, including Vice President for Campus Life W. Rochelle Calhoun, Executive Vice President Treby Williams, and Wilson College Director of Student Life Aaron King will be in attendance at the debate and are ready to hear student’s perspectives. Our main speakers’ involvement in a wide variety of campus activities, from varsity sports to Greek life to performing arts groups, highlights our goal for this debate: to provide a forum for respectful discourse that is open to all students from all over campus. In this unique opportunity, come hear all sides of the campus conversation and come share your own thoughts. Be a part of the discussion. Be a part of your community.