First Ever Intra-Whig Debate

Bernie vs. Hillary

The first ever intra-party Whig debate is coming up! Speakers from the left-leaning Whig party will debate on the following motion:

This House believes Hillary Clinton would be a better, more influential president than Bernie Sanders.

Bernie vs. Hillary


Place: Senate Chamber

Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Time: Social hour at 6:30pm with Fruity Yogurt boba and sushi, Debate at 7pm

Facebook Event:


8min – Government Constructive Speaker, Maya Aronoff
8min – Opposition Constructive Speaker, Noah Mihan
5min – Government Rebuttal Speaker, William Johnson
5min – Opposition Rebuttal Speaker, Sinan Ozbay
Government Floor Leader – Marni Morse
Opposition Floor Leader – Nik Hofer


With over 45 students in attendance, the event was a success! The final vote was in favor of the opposition, that is, that Bernie Sanders would be a better, more influential president than Hillary Clinton.